An online marketplace for energy; a world first in The Netherlands

Vandebron is set to disrupt the Dutch energy market, to make renewable energy available on mass scale. The startup has developed an online peer-to-peer energy marketplace, on which anyone who generates renewable energy can sell their yield directly to consumers.

The premise of the founders is that this renders the big corporations obsolete, which they believe is essential to accelerate the transition to a market that uses solely renewable energy.

Such feat would bring much clarity to the renewable energy market in The Netherlands. 60% of consumers think they’re buying renewable electricity, while 90% of the electricity that’s produced in the Netherlands, is produced with fossil fuels. The big corporations currently act as resellers, buying certificates of renewable energy from foreign countries, and using those to sell their own, non-renewable energy as renewable, making a profit along the way.

Since one windmill, or biogas plant, can power up to a few thousand households, The Netherlands will be scattered with hundreds of micro energy suppliers, instead of the three big companies who currently have 80% of the market.

Moreover, the suppliers, who now have a direct way of selling to the consumer, can finally get a better price for their energy, allowing them to make further investments. And without a middleman, consumers will get renewable energy for a better price as well. And since they can select their own supplier, they know exactly where their money is going, and where their energy is coming from.

Only renewable energy sources will be listed on Vandebron; solar, wind, water and bio energy. Consumers can select their supplier based on these types, and other variables, such as pricing, location or simply because they liked the suppliers biography.

Today Vandebron opened up the queue for early birds to join, which is possible via The actual launch will take place on April 2nd.

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About Vandebron

Vandebron is een online marktplaats voor duurzame energie.